Nintendo Mini Classic – What’s all the fuss about?!

To those in the know about these things, it’s no secret that the Nintendo Classic Mini dropped earlier this month. It’s caused avid Nintendo fans around the globe to rush to their nearest retailer in the effort to secure this little device for themselves.

But What Exactly is the Nintendo Classic?

It’s nostalgia in a box, brought to the 2016 consumer in the form of a remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short). A faithful recreation of the original 1985 console, at about 40% of the size! It comes preloaded with 30 of the greatest hits the system ever saw, including Super Mario Bros 3, Mega-Man 2, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Castlevania, and The Legend of Zelda.

nintendo classic sold out

So Why’s the Classic a big deal?

Well, this thing has an MSRP of $59.99 USD, but that’s not the issue — The issue is that most retailers only received a handful of these. Some major stores only got 6 units, while dozens of people were waiting in line for the store to open just to get their hands on it.

The result looks something like this:

nintendo classic ebay

On Ebay, extra controllers are going for more than the actual suggested retail value of the system itself! The real problem is that this is a move Nintendo pulls time and again, dating back to the days of the Wii — And that’s not even mentioning the whole Amiibo thing

Should You Skip This Nintendo?

It means people love Nintendo, and are willing to dish out serious dough for a slice of their childhood. Nintendo takes advantage of this, and wastes no opportunity to create hype for their brand. But what does it all mean when you could play most of these games with the help of emulators on your phone.

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