Let’s Give Back w/ Jenna Thien

The Livestar team is always in awe at how the in-app community is constantly growing! What we’ve been seeing more and more is the community’s desire to give back. One of those members is Jenna Thien, a broadcaster on the Livestar app!

From now until March 15, Jenna wants to donate her earnings to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Here’s what she had to say about the importance of giving back and what it personally means to her:

“I mainly want to give back to those that are less fortunate. My dad donated his bone marrow to a 1 year old girl with a perfect match about 10 years ago. A year after the transfusion, we received a letter stating that she had passed away. Because of my dad, her family was able to enjoy another year with her. Since then, I made it my mission to help out as much as possible to those in need. No parents should have to see their child suffer and no children should have to give up their childhood to this disease (or any disease for that matter). I’m grateful that I’m able to help donate with the help of everyone on Livestar and I want to continue spreading awareness to everyone. So thank you for allowing me to do this.”

– Jenna

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Livestar 2.0 – Feature Overview

Streamer Levels is a new system that visualizes the Star Bucks progress of a streamer, indicated by a meter and ranked badge. As you earn Star Bucks, the meter fills up so you can see how close you are to reaching the next level. In the future, leveling up as a streamer and earning badges will unlock new features to enhance the live streaming experience!

*You can still view your total Star Bucks amount by tapping the meter.

Every ranked badge (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold) has 10 levels (indicated by roman numerals). After you reach level 10 of any rank, the next level will advance you to the next rank.

For example, if you are currently a Silver Level 10 streamer, once you reach the next level, you will advance to a Gold Level 1 streamer.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the badges you can earn!

Chat provides the ability for all Livestar members to be able to communicate with one another within a full-chat system. Some of features of chat to highlight are:

  • Group chat
  • Blind Messages
  • In-stream chat

Group chat allows Livestar members to connect with each other even more! You can create group chats on the Chat screen or by adding additional people to existing chats.

Blind Messages are messages from other Livestar members who you are not mutually following. If you and another Livestar member follow each other, messages will show up on the Chat screen.

In-stream chat allows Livestar members to chat with each other while watching a live stream. Simply select another user, tap on the messaging icon, and start chatting!