Livestar Easter Event!

To celebrate Easter, Livestar is throwing an extra special event! For a limited time, apart from sending awesome Easter-themed gifts, you can solve the Word Hunt Puzzle while watching your favorite streamers battle it out on the Bunny Hunt leaderboard.  

PROMOTION PERIOD: April 14th, 2017 00:00 PST – April 17th, 2017 23:59 PST

Show some love to your favorite streamers by sending these awesome Easter-themed gifts:

Event 1: Word Puzzle Event

Event Period: April 14th, 2017 00:00 PST – April 17th, 2017 23:59 PST

Hatch some Easter Eggs for a chance to find the letter to complete the Word Hunt Puzzle. You can also help you favorite streamer get to the top of the leaderboard by finding Easter Bunnies inside the eggs.

During the event period, a special word hunt puzzle event page will be available. Send the special Easter Egg event gift to streamers. When the egg is sent, there is a random chance of a letter appearing. Letters that appropriately fit the word puzzle will appear on the viewer’s event page.
On the word hunt puzzle, three blank words appear. In order to reveal each of the three words, you must send gifts to streamers of certain levels:
Word 1: Level 1 to Level 10 (Leaf)
Word 2: Level 11 to Level 20 (Bronze)
Word 3: Level 21 and higher (Silver and Up)
For example, when you send the Easter Egg gift to a level 1 streamer, the letters you receive can fill Word 1. Once a word is filled, you can tap the Claim button in order to claim a Star Coin prize.

Event 1: Based on the words completed, the Star Coin prizes are as follows:

Word 1: 10 Star Coin
Word 2: 40 Star Coin
Word 3: 50 Star Coin
When all three words are filled, you can tap the Claim button under ‘Grand Prize’ and receive 400 Star Coins. Users who complete all three words in the puzzle will be entered into a drawing for a Nintendo Switch. Additionally, users who complete all three words in the puzzle will have a temporary in-app title, “Eggceptional” applied to their account. In-app title duration: TBD.


Event 2: Ranking Leaderboard

Event Period: April 14th, 2017 00:00 PST – April 17th, 2017 23:59 PST


Go Live and stream during the event period. When a viewer sends a special Easter Egg event gift, there is a chance to receive an Easter Bunny. Easter Bunnies will be counted on the leaderboard event page.


The top Easer Bunny receivers will win the following:

1st $250 Amazon Gift Card + In-App title “Easter Bunny”

2nd $200 Amazon Gift Card

3rd $150 Amazon Gift Card

3 Random Bunny Receivers in top 4-10:

$50 Amazon Gift Card


Good luck to everyone!

Official Event Rules

NEW Feature: Guesting – Everything You Need to Know!

That’s right, the Guesting feature is now available!

What’s Guesting?

With Guesting, streamers can invite viewers to join them LIVE while broadcasting. With this new feature, streamers can interact with their viewers live and produce even more fun and exciting streams!

Who Can Use The Guesting Feature?

Any streamer who has achieved Streamer Level 11+ can accept guesting invitations.

Viewers must have achieved Contributor Level 6+ in order to request to guest star in a live stream.

In addition, any streamer who has achieved Streamer Level 21+ can accept guesting invitations from ANY viewer, regardless of their contributor level. Streamers who have achieved Streamer Level 21+ can also have up to three guests join their live stream!

How Do I Become a Guest on a Live Stream?

It’s simple! Just click the Guesting button on the bottom of the screen while in a live stream.

How Do I Invite Guests to My Live Stream?

When someone requests to guest star on your stream, you’ll see an alert on the Guesting button on the bottom of your screen. Simply tap this button, then select which guest you want and tap begin to start!

Livestar Level Up! Contest

Livestar wants you to Level Up! If you are new to Livestar, or have not yet hit Contributor Level 6 and/or Streamer Level 21, now’s your chance! In addition to leveling up in Livestar, you will also have the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

How to enter:


If you have not yet hit Contributor Level 6 and/or Streamer Level 21, now is your chance to set a goal! All you need to do is reach either or both of these levels to be eligible to win!

To be eligible, you must be under Streamer Level 21 or Contributor Level 6 respectively when the contest starts. You will only be eligible to win if you reach these level goals during the contest time period.

Reach the Streamer Level of 21 by the end of the contest time


Reach the Contributor Level of 6 by the end of the contest time.


Image result for amazon gift card transparent background

Reaching Streamer Level 21: 3 Winners – $75 Amazon Gift Card

Reaching Contributor Level 6: 5 Winners – $25 Amazon Gift Card

Contest Time:

Friday, 4/7 @ 00:01 – Friday, 4/14 @23:59


Participants can only win once.

If a participant is selected as a winner for both prizes, the larger prize will be awarded and a new winner will be selected for the smaller prize.

One winner will be chosen randomly by Livestar staff and contacted within 1 week of conclusion of the contest.

Spring Break Social Media Contest – Win a Livestar Portable Charger!

During Livestar’s spring break event there will be a contest that gives you the chance to WIN a Livestar portable battery charger! This is your chance to win some super-exclusive Livestar swag!

How to enter:

Simply take a picture of yourself with a “real life” version of any of our limited-time Spring Break gifts and post it on either Twitter or Instagram. On your post, be sure to tag @LivestarHQ and use the hashtag #SPRINGBREAK.

For example, for the “Palm Tree” gift, you can take a selfie with a palm tree in the background and post it on your socials.

We will pick one random winner from all of the entrants to win a Livestar portable battery charger.

The winner will be notified via social media by the official Livestar account.


One Livestar portable battery charger (Powerbank).

Contest Time:

Friday, 4/7 @ 00:01 – Sunday, 4/9 @23:59


Only one entry, per social media channel (Twitter + Instagram), per person.

One winner will be chosen randomly by Livestar staff and contacted within 3 days of conclusion of the contest.

St. Patrick’s Day Event

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together on Livestar and participate in some special events prepared just for our community! You will have some chances to WIN BIG during our St. Patrick’s Day event period, so don’t miss out! In addition to our limited-time holiday themed gifts, there are two events and some special gifts to look out for:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot Event
  • Livestar Leprechaun Gifting Event
  • Pot’ O’ Gold Gift

For details and rules, see below.

St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot Event


How to Enter: 

  • During the event period, send at least 100 Star Coin worth of the special St. Patrick’s Day event gifts to any streamer. Every 100 Star Coin used on event gifts grants one entry to the jackpot, displayed on the jackpot event page. Let’s see how big this Jackpot will get!


  • 2 Winners: Two winners will each receive a 30% share of the ending jackpot total.
  • 8 Winners: Eight winners will each receive a 5% share of the ending jackpot total.

*Individual users can only win one time and will not win multiple prizes. Prizes will be awarded within one week of event conclusion.

Event Period:

  • March 16th, 2017 00:00 PST – March 19th, 2017 23:59 PST

For detailed rules, visit:

Livestar Leprechaun Gifting Event

How to Participate: 

  • The Livestar Leprechaun will be giving out gifts to streamers who are WEARING GREEN during a few special designated times! If you’re lucky, maybe he will even send you some BIG gifts! Share with us on socials (@LivestarHQ) a screenshot of the Livestar Leprechaun visiting you for a chance to win some extra prizes!


  • Random gifts chosen by the Livestar Leprechaun.

Event Period:

The event will take place on two days, only at the times listed below:

  • Thursday – March 16th @1:30PM  @3:30PM  @6:30PM
  • Friday – March 17th @1:30PM  @3:30PM  @6:30PM

Pot’ O’ Gold Gift

When you gift a streamer the “Pot’ O’ Gold” gift, you will have a chance to WIN BACK UP TO 1,000 Star Coins! Try out your luck during our St. Patrick’s Day event with this gift that also gives back!

Let’s Give Back w/ Jenna Thien

The Livestar team is always in awe at how the in-app community is constantly growing! What we’ve been seeing more and more is the community’s desire to give back. One of those members is Jenna Thien, a broadcaster on the Livestar app!

From now until March 15, Jenna wants to donate her earnings to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Here’s what she had to say about the importance of giving back and what it personally means to her:

“I mainly want to give back to those that are less fortunate. My dad donated his bone marrow to a 1 year old girl with a perfect match about 10 years ago. A year after the transfusion, we received a letter stating that she had passed away. Because of my dad, her family was able to enjoy another year with her. Since then, I made it my mission to help out as much as possible to those in need. No parents should have to see their child suffer and no children should have to give up their childhood to this disease (or any disease for that matter). I’m grateful that I’m able to help donate with the help of everyone on Livestar and I want to continue spreading awareness to everyone. So thank you for allowing me to do this.”

– Jenna

Follow @JennaThien on Livestar to receive notifications whenever she streams!

President’s Day Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all of our winners chosen during Livestar’s President’s Day event!

All winners will have their Star Coin prizes added to their Star Coin balance within the next week.

Thank you to everyone who participated!