“Be My Valentine” Event Winners

We just wrapped up our 2018 edition of the “Be My Valentine” Event, and love was definitely in the air!

This year, we showed the love back by offering some cool prizes to our winners. We have a Noiposi Selfie Drone and Jieze VR Headset for our top 2 coupled winners! We’re also giving out some swag bags and star coins!

See below if you won!

Christmas Event Winners

It’s a wrap for 2017 and we ended the year by giving away some amazing gifts for our lucky contest winners! The Livestar team would like to thank everyone in the LS community that participated in this year’s holiday event! Check the image below to see if you won!

If you are one of the top 3 winners in your category, you will receive a Christmas crate, box, or card which contains the following:

+ Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Tablet
+ JBL Clip 2 Speaker
+ Echo Dot
+ LS Power Bank

+ Echo Dot (Streamers)
+ JBL Flip Speaker (Contributors)
+ LS Swag Bag

+ 1,000 Star Coins (Streamers)
+ Echo Dot (Contributors)
+ LS Swag Bag

We can’t wait to show you what Livestar has in store for 2018!

Thanksgiving Event Winners

It’s another year of full stomachs and something to be thankful for – the Livestar community!

Congratulations to all the winners  of this year’s event. This year, we gave away the new XBOX One X: Scorpio Edition and some Livestar Swag Bags!

Stay tuned for the next chance to win some awesome rewards!

Trick-or-Treat Event

Another spOooOoky Halloween is in the books!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s “Trick-or-Treat” Event and congratulations to all the winners! We gave out some “frighteningly” awesome prizes, from JBL Bluetooth Speakers, to a Nintendo Switch, to the an iPhone X! We’ll be contacting the winners shortly, so to the winners – keep an eye out for a message from our staff.

Livestar is always put together events for some cool prizes, so be on the lookout for the next opportunity!

Livestar Back to School Event

It’s that time of the year, boys and girls! School’s in session!

For those of you who are headed off to college, or maybe just acting like you’re 18 again, we have a fun event where you can win sweet prizes and event titles, all by sending and receiving gifts!

What you can win:
– Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones (Black and Gold)
– HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (Photo Paper included!)
– Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite)
– Freshman Swag Bag (LS Tote, Snapback, Wristband, and Phone Case)
– Star Coins
– Special Event Titles

The Livestar Back to School Event

Event Period: August 23, 2017 00:00 PST – August 27, 2017 23:59 PST

How to Participate:
Streamers: Stream and receive the new Back to School Event Gifts. The top earning streamers will appear on an event leaderboard based on their streamer level.

Level 1-20:
Level 21+: Upperclassmen

Send and receive these event gifts to win!

How to win:
The top 3 three streamers in each group will win the Freshman Swag Bag, plus the following:
1st: Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones (Black and Gold)
2nd: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (Photo Paper included!)
3rd: Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite)

4th-10th: 1,000 Star Coins
* One random person within 4th-10th will win a Freshman Swag Bag and 5,000 Star Coins!

Send Back to School Event gifts to any streamer during the period.

How to win:
The top 3 three contributors will win the Freshman Swag Bag, plus the following:
1st: Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones (Black and Gold)
2nd: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (Photo Paper included!)
3rd: Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite)

Event Titles:
Event titles will also be awarded as follows:

Streamers (Both Upper and Underclassmen Leaders)
1-3: Mr. / Ms. Popular
4-10: Teacher’s Pet
11-20: Class Clown
21-50: Livestar High

1-10: Honor Roll

Livestar Anniversary Event

Happy Anniversary, Livestar community!

With the launch of Livestar 3.0, we wanted to celebrate with an event that simply rewards you by doing what you do in the app: streaming, showing love, posting Flows, chatting, all of it! Thousands of dollars of prizes are up for grabs, including a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, RIF6 CUBE Pico Projectors, and Livestar Swag Bags!

Event Period: July 30th, 2017 00:00 PST – August 6th, 2017 23:59 PST

Event 1 – Daily Sign in Bonus

Sign into Livestar 3.0 every 24 hours for a gift of FREE Star Coin!

Event 2 – Send and Receive the Special Event Gifts

At the start of the event, a special event page will be available, containing an array of spaces. Each space represents a special event gift. Send or receive each gift in the array, and you will be entered into a special raffle!

Attention: Certain gifts are locked at the beginning of the event, and will be unlocked throughout the event period. Make sure you sign in every single day of the event to see which gifts you’ll need to send or receive!

Note: Each 100 Star Coin Sent and 100 Trophies received counts as a raffle entry, but you must complete the array in order to be eligible for the prize raffle.


1 Winner: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

5 Winners: RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector

10 Winners: Livestar Swag Bag Containing:
-Livestar Logo Shirt,
-Logo Snapback,
-Official Charger


Livestar 3.0 is Here!

Introducing 3.0

To celebrate Livestar’s 1st anniversary, we’ve given the app a complete visual overhaul and added tons of new features!! Swipe left and right to access the features you love!

What’s new?


Your live streaming experience has been taken to the next level! Livestar 3.0 brings a full revamp to your streaming experience, with your guests repositioned and a new chat layout for better visibility. There’s also a new viewer list and a stream session gift activity list! Access the new lists by tapping on the viewer count in a streamer’s room.


Flow 3.0 is looking better than ever! The new layout lets you post a new flow with a tap, give your friends’ updates a thumbs up, like and comment on ANY flows, and @ your connections.


With Livestar 3.0, you can easily access your profile from every screen in the app. Additionally, you now have the option to add up to 6 pictures, as well as include more information and interests about yourself! This will go a long way towards meeting and interacting with others who share the same passions as you!

 Welcome to 3.0!